“..Sometimes a completely beautiful song is the most powerful way to say Fuck You..”

..says Trimble who hails from Coney Island, N.Ireland and now lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and dog, Toby. 

OXLIP’s work has been compared vocally and tonally to Phoebe Bridgers and The Weather Station. Title tracks have landed on the Spotify Editorial Playlist’s including ‘Folk & Friends’ along with Fleet Foxes and Iron & Wine. She was interviewed on CBC Canada, BBC Radio Ulster, and charted at #2 on Earshot’s folk/roots/blues radio charts. She has toured perviously opening for and playing with folk/psych rock band The Deep Dark Woods.

She is currently in the World Peach Records studio writing a new EP and album set to be released 2022.

Alissa Arnason

“A self-confessed working class Patsy Cline- but a bit more ethereal”

Conceived in the prairie town of Mozart SK ( ..yes that’s right), on Schubert St, (yes, right again..) it’s as if the stars had already decided music would be her path in life.

Songs about being tired from work, the relentless passing of time, memories, unconventional ways of living, along with love songs and lullabies to nature and the universe.

Her gorgeous single ‘Lighthouse’, was released on World Peach Records 06/11/2021, a song she describes as “raw and honest, one that really gets to the guts of the complexity of love”.

Amy Blake

“As granddaughter of one of

‘The Chieftains’..”

..Amy Blake has been immersed in music since she was a small child.

Amy writes introspective, sweet and melancholic songs that draw from a variety of vocal styles and musical influences. Frequently likened to Laura Marling and Lisa Hannigan, Amy’s voice has a haunting quality that captivates, moves, and connects with the emotions of her audience.

Amy’s single, ‘Blue’ dropped 09/10/2021 on World Peach Records.