“In the Recording Studio, I have had some great experiences and some not so great experiences, but one thing I have never had is a Woman Engineer or Producer–” Jayne Trimble

“.. Jayne mixed and engineered my project beautifully. She took my production to the NEXT LEVEL.”

~Amy Kirkpatrick


” .. I have had a number of experiences with producers/engineers yet this was the first I’ve had with a woman and it was NIGHT and DAY.”

~Alissa Arnason


“..Jayne empowers you to be your most AUTHENIC SELF, and this really translates in the work she produces..”

~ Amy Blake

“..I enjoyed the vision-boarding exercise we did together to clarify the vision for my EP. Jayne is especially talented at creating a nourishing and EMPOWERING space where artists feel supported in their choices.”

~ Georgia Lee Johnson